Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grey Knights

After Shelving my GK around June last year to concentrate on my SM rumours of a new Codex started a Codex that would cover all three arms of the Ordos, so I’d scan the inter-webs for any scrap of what was to come stories of the model range being redone in plastic! A huge robot that could take on Daemons, one man armies! Drafts of the Codex were released online Black boxes started to appear and last Friday I picked up Codex: Grey Knights,
and to be honest I was excited I picked up a Stormraven ,PAGK, Lord Kaldor Draigo and Castellan Crowe to flesh out what I already have (I won’t be eating for a month)
At first look I really like the Codex but hang on there’s some elements of With Hunters in here and surely the Dread Knight is something Ultramarines should have for fighting Nids and where’s my Librarian Dreadnought wouldn’t Psychic troops have at least one? GK will now take to the field with Daemonhosts! Big changes to the fluff the Grey Knights seem to be mind wiping/killing a lot of IG and SM that have taken to battle with them.
Purifiers, Librarians, Paladins, Interceptors and Techmarines all new to this list, my armies will always include one unit of Purifiers these guys rock take a Chapter master and they have scout take Crowe and they become troop choices, two wound terminaters,terminators as troop choices, Brotherhood champions, force organisation slots aren’t enough too many good choices and I haven’t even looked at Inquisitors properly yet looks like my Summer evenings have been sorted for me and I’m looking forward to playing Grey Knights a lot!

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