Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brocon 2010 40k Report

Choose this event as my start back into tourney gaming could have done with a few warm up games at Conclave but things happen so I spent a few nights going over my list I decided to go with pure GK 1750pts

HQ Inquisitor Lord
2 Sages
1 mystic
2 Warriors
1 plasma cannon
1 Multi-Melta
Land raider
2x5 man units of IST
Vet Sarg in each
Rhino & Chimera (To take & Hold objectives)
6 GK Terms
1 Vindicare
1 Inquisitor Ret of
2 sages mounted in a Rhino
GK teleport attack
Heavy support
Orbital strike Melta Torpedo

Game 1 - Seize Ground
My first opponent was Tristram Hills Imperial Guard nice looking built looked a bit like the leaf blower but without the Inquisitor, set up was table quarters I faced 3 Valkyries 2 hydras Medusas Chimeras, already I was in trouble I had only two units to take objectives we had rolled for 5, I set up 1 lonely Landraider 1 Chimera, Rhino and my sniper(there rest were deep strike units OB) Trist had first turn things went downhill from there Land raider Immobilised Chimera wrecked 5 man units do not last long

My turn I was forced to move my Vindicare due to line of sight fire disembark my HQ fire a few shots with my landraider fail to hit end of turn 1.Turn two more of the same there goes my hq Land raider Sniper, my Elite Inquisitor is all that’s on the table my turn roll to DS failed Orbital bombardment failed nothing on range or worth hitting with my Inquisitors psycannon tristam move & takes objectives shoots at whats left my turn I might get something on GK fast failed Terminators make it but scatter to with in 1 inch of the enemy Tristram gets to place them and he does right in the middle of a shooting gallery(as you do) from then on I was just placeing units to be shot. (Tristram wins 20-0)

My opponent is very good (not just saying that cause he handed me my ass,he went on to win the tournament) my build is shite I have to rethink my list or how I play it..........

Game 2 - Capture & Control
My opponent this time was Michael Murphy & his Tau for my set up this time I put my GK terms on the table with my Vindicare they will be hard to shoot, the Vindicare had a great shotting battle against a Broadside the whole game my GK Terms advanced & done some damage against fire warriors I got my OB of it was keyed into a tower which housed some pathfinders I killed some before they got out,my GK fast attack got lost in the warp(dose DS work?) Mike came back with some nice shooting taking out my Chimera,Rhino & some IST,gun battles ensued from there on mike won the game which was one of the best I've played in a while. (Michael wins 16-4)

Game 3 - Annihilation
Donnacha OMahony's Space Marines were up I had nothing to lose this time every thing was on the board no DS I rolled first turn(how important is your first turn?) advancing everything keeping them in range of my two Psycannons I imoblise & destroy one lascannon on his Landraider imobilised his Predetorthings looking good more shooting on both sides Donnacha lands a drop pod of Stern Guard near my HQ the mystic detects then & I get some free shooting off hitting them hard I remove the rest in my turn I got my OB off and it scattered onto a unit of marines how lucky it that Donnacha drops a Dread does some damage to my GK fast and some IST there is a great hand to hand battle between my GK Terms and a Chaplin lead unit of Terms ..... (I win 17-3)

Would things have been different if this had been my first game I think not you learn nothing from winning my list is flawed for tournament play what do Daemonhunters bring Sages,Mystics,Emperors Tartot,Psycannons,Psychic hoods & GK terminators time to start a new build maybe of Space Marine Allied with Daemonhunters.................

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